04 October 2007

NJ, Part Deux

I have never seen more strip-malls, or more diners, in my life. Luckily I love me some coffee, pancakes, and eggs over easy. There is something charming, something strangely comforting, about all that stainless steel. Or maybe it's just the smell of bacon grease that brings me comfort.

In my spare time before work I crafted some mini-adventures -- I checked out the Laurelwood Arboretum, which has just enough nature to satisfy my craving. I wanted to venture through the entire thing, which could have taken a couple hours, but then I remembered Steve's warning about bears recently entering residential areas. (In New Jersey?? Apparently so.) Being chewed apart by a bear is one of my worst fears. When I realized there was no one else there to help or protect me, I decided to turn around. I was very disappointed, but visions of nothing but a cellphone and a few random teeth left for posterity forced me back to the car.

Then I decided to check out the private lake nearby, and noticed quite a few houses on the market, and found myself fantasizing about buying a little one and living on the water.

At the bookstore I picked out the best maps of Manhattan and New Jersey, and a couple books on day-trips to lead me beyond the strip-malls. One of them said New Jersey is the most densely-populated state in the US, with the densest highways. This actually made me laugh out loud. (No kidding!) I thought about how crowded Japan is and decided that it prepared me well. I'm looking forward to investigating why this place is called The Garden State.

Then I found a dance class and decided to sign up for jazz lessons. Despite my lack of experience, I LOVE taking dance, because you must focus on every part of your body. The hour goes by in a snap and you realize that absolutely nothing was on your mind but jumping and tummy tucks and finger placement and pointed toes, and that it was so much fun.

Back to my internship for one last day...and hopefully a movie or two before I start WORK on Monday! Whoo!

**Does anybody else think that the first two sentences would make a great opening line for a novel in which the main character shoots someone? Or is at least in love with weapons? I mean what kind of person would describe cold gray metal as "comforting"?