17 August 2007

Dear Lauren

If you have questions about perfume, perfumed products, the fragrance industry, brands, anything -- please ask me in the comments. I'd love to test my knowledge and hopefully impart some as well!


I read a quote that went something like, "Announcing your plans is the best way to see God laugh." With that in mind, here I go anyway:

I've more or less adjusted to being back in the States after my two years abroad. It feels great to be back, and ideally I plan to stay in the US. I hope to always look back on my decisions to move to Japan, and then France, as some of the best ones I've ever made -- Japan especially for my personal life, because I met so many amazing people who taught me so much; and France for my professional one, because I always would have wondered what I can now say with certainty: I am passionate about the fragrance industry, and there's nothing I'd rather be doing. So as I continue my job search, I will remind myself that I can't fail if I don't give up!*

Now. Since MOST of the fragrance companies are US-headquartered in New Jersey, I think I should get more exposure up there. I plan to move for a least a couple months while I do an internship with a very small, very young company. I'm hoping to gain some first-hand experience while showing my face and hopefully landing an interview or two. This may take a while (one man told me it took him 4 years to break into this business!), but I'm prepared to find out.

I am so, so excited to now have a car!! Until I make the (temporary? permanent?) move to New Jersey, I'll be breaking it in around Morganton, enjoying time with my family, and our mere 20-minute drive to the lake.

*from "The Last Kiss," just in case