24 March 2012

Lauren's 'Asian' Dressing

I whipped up this salad dressing last week and thought it was too good not to share.  

Mix the vinegars and the oils in whatever proportion you like; the key is that the total vinegar to total oil ratio is 1:3.  I just pour everything out into my tablespoon measure as I go along, so I know the end total will be 1:3.    

In a ceramic bowl, mix:
-good-quality balsamic vinegar
-red wine vinegar 
-1 Tbsp. red miso paste or ginger miso paste 
(the ginger miso I found at a Kings supermarket)

With a fork or whisk, blend miso paste evenly into the vinegars.

-sesame seeds
-black sesame seeds (optional)

Mix again, then into the vinegar+miso mixture add:
-toasted sesame oil (a bit expensive, but SO delicious and worth it!!)
-olive oil

Blend thoroughly with a fork or whisk...et voila!  I love this combo so much that I don't even add anything else to my greens.  It makes for a pretty elegant pre-dinner salad.  

This dressing would probably be good with freshly-grated ginger, too.  



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